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Ingrown Toenails: More Than a Little Inconvenience

Ingrown toenails are quite common, with 20 out of 100 people seeking help from their family doctors. The majority of sufferers are teenagers who often mistake the issue for something else. Several unique features can affect the development of ingrown toenails over time. What Is an Ingrown Toenail? An ingrown toenail is a condition wherein …

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All About Toenail Fungus: The Best Thing You’ll Read Today

Toenail fungus can present itself in several ways, such as thick and discolored nails. It’s far more common than fingernail fungus, and up to 12% of the world’s population is affected. Fortunately, it doesn’t often have severe consequences and can be treated at home. What Is Toenail Fungus? Toenail fungus is a type of infection …

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What Causes Dry, Cracked Heels?

Ever reach down and run into your own dry cracked heels? No fun, right? Dry skin, experienced by 20% of adults in the United States, is quite common. This occurs especially when the skin isn’t moisturized regularly. Whether it be environmental exposure or dehydration, dry heels can come about in many ways. Thankfully, there are …


Are Pedicures Beneficial for Foot Health?

Pedicures have always been a luxurious staple in society, dating back to Ancient Egypt. The more well-kept a citizen’s feet were, the higher their social standing would be, making pedicures popular. Today, over 41% of women implement this ancient beauty ritual into their monthly beauty regimen. History of Pedicures Some circles believe pedicures originated in …

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What Is Hammertoe and What Can You Do About It?

Little did I know that wearing improper shoes could significantly impact the health of my feet. The hammertoe-related deformity is one of the most prevalent issues. Understanding the causes, medical treatments, and at-home treatments helped me alleviate my foot pain and pressure. What Is Hammertoe? There’s no doubt that hammertoe is one of the most …

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Foot Tattoos: A Complete Guide for 2022

Foot tattoos have boomed in popularity over recent years because of their unique aesthetic. Although they’re another fantastic piece of real estate for fabulous artwork, they require a little more care than other tattoos. This guide can assist with knowing how to prepare for an upcoming foot tattoo session and how to ensure it heals …

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Are High Heels Worth It?

High heels are exciting in that they have a deep history. As a staple of most formal wardrobes, they can be both beneficial and harmful for the feet. By knowing how to wear heels appropriately, the feet can be protected and look stylish at the same time. There are over 25 different types of heels …

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What Is Limb Length Discrepancy?

Limb length discrepancy, or LLD, isn’t as rare as some people think. In fact, up to 90% of the general population has it. On average, people have a difference of just over five millimeters of LLD, which can then cause poor weight distribution. However, in some cases, limb length discrepancy can be a significant problem …

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Toenail Problems and At-Home Care Tips

Many of us are guilty of not taking care of our toenail problems. In fact, aside from getting regular pedicures, it can be easy to overlook toenail care. The first step to addressing this issue is knowing how important toenails are and what you can do to keep them in the best condition.


AFOs: All About Ankle-Foot-Orthoses

An ankle-foot orthosis, better known as an AFO, is a medical device or a solid brace for the lower leg. The primary use of an AFO is to help patients walk safely regardless of the condition they’re suffering from.
There are different types of AFOs, and most of them are custom-made to provide the best possible care for the patient. AFO orthoses are one of the most prescribed types of orthoses in the US, and that’s because they have a wide application.


Are Your Poor Swollen Feet Caused by Lymphedema?

Lymphedema, a swelling of tissue related to the lymph glands, usually affects the legs or arms. This condition often looks more serious than it actually is, so we don’t recommend searching for photos on the internet. With proper care and by following your doctor’s advice, lymphedema can be manageable, and you can continue with your …

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Sesamoiditis: Sounds Super Scary, Right?

Although it sounds frightening, sesamoiditis is a common condition that affects runners, hockey players, and those used to wearing high-heels. It might start with pain in the first joint of the big toe. It’s often followed by swelling, making it difficult to bend the toe. Moreover, participating in the activities you usually enjoy can be …


What Does a Podiatrist Do?

Feet and ankles are incredibly complex parts of the human body. They’re also heavily used and prone to all kinds of problems. You’ve probably heard that you’re supposed to see a podiatrist when you’re suffering from a foot-related pain or condition. But you might wonder, what does a podiatrist treat and how does this specialist …

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Parts of a Shoe: The Most Exciting Topic Ever

When it comes to shoes, what matters the most to you? Is it the comfort or the style? For most people, it’s both. But not many of us think about every little detail that goes into producing the shoes we’re wearing. In most cases, the construction of a shoe is quite complex, and it can …

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Plantar Hyperhidrosis: More Than Just Sweaty Feet

Have you found yourself dealing with excessive sweating in your feet, even when you have indulged in little physical activity or exercise? If so, you might be suffering from a condition known as Plantar Hyperhidrosis or in simpler words, sweaty feet.  If you’re interested in knowing more about this condition, read on till the end …

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What is Morton’s Toe?

Is your second toe longer than your first? Or perhaps you might have seen or known someone with such a toe alignment.  Normally, the length of our toes is in descending order with the first one being the longest, and the last is the shortest.  But it’s not uncommon for the second toe to be …

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Everything About Plantar Fasciitis: Causes and Treatment

As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.  Have you been regularly feeling a sharp pain towards the bottom of your heel during the early mornings? Or perhaps after you complete your exercise routines?  Persistent pain in your heels can be a sign of an underlying condition called plantar fasciitis. But don’t …

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What is Turf Toe?

Turf toe is a sprain in the main joint on your big toe. If the big toe has been forcibly bent and hyperextended, injuries can cause turf toe syndrome. Think of going for a sprint, and just when you push off, your toe remains stuck on the ground. What are the Symptoms of Turf Toe? …

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Foot Odor Causes: What to Do When Your Feet Stink — 2022

As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases. There are few things as embarrassing as foot odor. You enter a room and everyone starts making faces… you can’t help wondering whether it’s because of your stinky feet or something has been hanging out too long in the garbage can.  While stinky feet …