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icd-10 diabetic neuropathy

What is ICD-10?

If you have any sort of health issues, you’ve probably seen the phrase, ICD-10, more than once. And I bet you have wondered, what is ICD-10? ICD, which is the acronym for the International Classification of Diseases, is a global health information standard for morbidity and mortality statistics. Its applications in clinical research to study …

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foot massage home remedy

3 Best Home Remedies For Neuropathy

Numbness, tingling, and pain in the body is the hallmark of neuropathy. Diabetes, for example, is one condition that can cause neuropathy (damage to your nerves and blood vessels). Many people who experience neuropathy search for home remedies to help relieve their pain. What you wouldn’t do to get some relief from all these uncomfortable …

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pain relief for diabetic feet

Best Diabetic Grip Socks for Your Tootsies

If you are diabetic suffering from neuropathy in your feet and related pain, we know you take your shoes and socks seriously. When you’re seeking relief, what you put on your feet matters. That is why we took a look at the best diabetic grip socks for men and women to see what is out …

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