How to Look Amazing in Your Women’s Orthofeet Shoes

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The Orthofeet women’s diabetic shoe is a well-designed walking shoe that is used to support and protect the feet from the effects of diabetic neuropathy. Your feet need babied when you are dealing with foot pain and these shoes do just that!

Hammertoes, Plantar Fasciitis, or Sensitive Feet?

Let’s face it, none of these conditions are super sexy. But it’s real life and many of us deal with some of these issues. It’s hard to feel sexy when your feet hurt, but with Orthofeet and their orthotic inserts, you’ll be feeling amazing in no time.

When your feet feel good, you feel good!

Technical Details

  • Orthotic support
  • Non-binding
  • Lightweight design
  • Made of fabric and leather
  • 1/2 inch heel

Features of Orthofeet Women’s Shoes

Comfort is king when it comes to your feet and consumers rave about this shoe’s comfort. If you’re looking for a great pair of women’s diabetic shoes, consider these. Other pluses of the Orthofeet shoe include:

  • Shoes easily fit through your braces
  • Shoes provide enough support to keep your feet protected throughout everyday usage
  • Shoe features a 1/2 inch heel, which allows you to walk naturally
  • Shoe has the mobility of a sneaker while still creating a safe platform to walk on
  • Shoe can alleviate your diabetic neuropathy pain
  • Shoe has a wide toe box, giving your tootsies plenty of room to move

Cheaper shoes in this category can actually increase your nerve pain. Don’t go there!

I remember a woman from North Dakota who kindly told me, “honey, there are two things I don’t skimp on: mattresses and shoes.”

Wow, was she ever right! And it makes total sense. Mattresses: you spend around eight hours a day (or one-third of your entire life) in your bed. You definitely do not want to cheap out on a bed that doesn’t make you sigh with relief when you lay down.

The same goes for shoes. Our feet are underappreciated and overused. Why shove them into cheap shoes when they soooo deserve to be pampered? Answer: you don’t! You find some sweet-feeling shoes like these and treat yourself.

Cool-Looking Women’s Therapeutic Diabetic Shoes

I know what you’re thinking: what did they say? Cool-looking therapeutic shoes?? Right…..

But it’s true! Check out some of the great-looking options available in the Orthofeet women’s diabetic shoe line. Our favorites are their athletic shoes. These are truly comfortable shoes and they look, well, they look cool!

We all feel better when we are active and can enjoy doing things with the people who matter most to us. When you suffer from foot pain, that can make things a bit tricky. That’s why we love these shoes–they help us feel better and get active.

The Orthofeet Women’s Diabetic Shoe is one of the best shoes for diabetic neuropathy. It offers protection and comfort and support to help you walk without hurting your joints. Did someone say air cushioning? What a treat! Give these a try for improved walking comfort and stability while reducing diabetic neuropathy in your feet.

When I ordered a pair, I found Orthofeet’s customer service to be top-notch. What a nice change from many other companies we have dealt with.

And don’t forget, if your tootsies suffer from plantar fasciitis, hammertoes are you just plain have sensitive feet, these shoes can really make a difference.

Whatever kind of feet you have, we hope you make them a priority. Whether it is shoes, foot spas, pain relief creams, or comfy socks, do yourself a favor and give your feet first-class treatment. You’ll be so glad you did!