Effective Natural Relief for Neuropathy

Neuropathy is one of the hardest ailments to deal with. It causes pain that can be hard to treat because it is rooted in your nerve receptors. Many medications have problems addressing the longevity of the pain beyond a mediocre reduction. But for those of us who are also interested in natural relief for neuropathy pain, read on.

While the pain may never completely subside, there are ways to mitigate the intensity of the pain and its influence on your movement and life. This brief guide will walk you through a few options that may lessen your neuropathic symptoms.

Herbal & Vitamin Supplements for Pain & Numbness

Two supplements in particular can have a positive impact on the effects of neuropathy and help lessen symptoms. They are Vitamin B and Alpha Lipoic Acid.

Vitamin Supplements neuropathy

Vitamin B works to protect and increase microcirculation within cells. This means that your cells will function better, and thus your nervous system will be stronger to resist long-term damage. This is important for not only preventing or helping the pain but increasing overall health.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is a natural antioxidant that may prevent cell damage, restore certain vitamin levels, and even improve neuron function in diabetics.

Massage & Stress Management

Massage and general stress management are some of the most understated options for maintaining good health and mitigating long-term damage and pain. Stress has a massive impact on your body’s ability to repair itself and function normally.

If you keep your stress levels low, you’ll be able to enjoy better sleep quality and let your body focus on healing.

Neuropathy foot massage

  • Consider getting a massage twice weekly to ease muscle tension, lactic acid buildup, and joint stress.
  • Implement some form of meditative practice into your day for between 15 to 30 minutes. This can include yoga, tantric meditation, qigong, and more.

The lower your stress levels, the less energy your body has to allocate resources to combat anxiety and your raised vitals. Your appetite and focus will improve, and you will feel better all the way around.

Natural Relief for Neuropathy

As always, consistent diet and exercise are fundamental for health-related improvement. Supplemental actions like those discussed here will have some impact on their own, but when coupled with a good foundation, you will have the best results.

Exercise for neuropathy.

Keeping on top of your diet, exercise, supplement regimen will help you achieve results that can dramatically improve your life over time, including relief from neuropathy pain.